Waist Glow Belt

This versatile, light-weight belt, increases your visibility in darkness by utilizing (TPU) fibre-optic LED technology to create an eye-catching glowing of light that alerts others to your presence. It can be worn around the waist or slung over the shoulder, giving you excellent visibility

The belt is a great way to stay visible while riding your horse on the trail, to and from the arena, in the forest or working on the ranch at night. Its reflective / durable material holds a high efficiency LED bulb that can be seen up to one mile away. Choose either the steady glow mode or continuous flash! It can be worn on your waist, on your saddle, your horses neck ect

When on your horses neck be sure it is tight enough that a hoof will not reach thru the belt – the plastic buckle will break if under stress and allow for break away


Features and Specifications:

  • High visibility reflective material houses a high-efficiency fibre-optic LED technology
  • Uses 2 x 3V Lithium 2032 coin-cell battery (Batteries Included)
  • Run time: approx 100 hours
  • water resistant 
  • Length 97 cm adjustable to 110 cm Width 3.7 cm 


Waist Glow Belt
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