Solar / usb Dog Collar

glow steady and blink.  While out trail riding in the evening this Collar will help your pet to be seen by traffic . You can keep a look out for your pet while out camping ect.


Instruction : if you use the USB charger , be sure not to over charge - charge 1 hour for a 5 - 6 hr glow . The sun can also charge this collar . Water resistant - not water proof

Red, Green & Orange 


Small   14 inch x 17.5 inch    - 35.5 cm x 44.5 cm

Medium 16 inch x 21 inch      - 40.5 cm x 53 cm

Large 18 inch x 23 3/4 inch    - 46 cm x 60 cm


* note if you leave your collar loose the glow will be under the neck seen in the picture above. If you like the glow ontop of the neck you will adjust the collar so that it is comfortablely snug on your pet 

Solar / usb Dog Collar
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