Cool Glow Baseball Cap

Our Neon Glow Illuminating hats use fiber optic neon technology to produce a glow you can wear! The brim of the hat is discreet with a clear fiber optic. When lit super bright neon color projects and travels threw the clear plastic for a cool neon effect. The intense glow is sure to help you to be seen while riding at night , visible indoor/day light but is most impressive in the dark! A small control located on the inside of the hat stays in place and is comfortable when you are wearing the hat! This hat come complete with 3 modes including: Steady On, Blink & Strobe! This is the perfect accessory while riding your horse on the trail, to and from the arena, in the forest or working on the ranch at night. For anybody who wants to stand out of the crowd!




Features and Specifications:

  • Passive high visibility reflective material houses a high-efficiency LED bulb
  • Uses 2 x 3V Lithium 2032 coin-cell battery (Batteries Included)
  • Run time: approx 100 hours
  • Easy access to change the batteries.Comfortable to wear
  • Surface washable.
Cool Glow Baseball Cap
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