Brow - Belt Band with Velcro

This fun little glow item is soft & flexable. It has a small velcro strap at both ends ( on the back ). It can be worn on your brow band, on your saddle, sturrup, to your reins, your harness, belt loops ect The Band is a great way to stay visible while riding your horse on the trail, to and from the arena, in the forest or working on the ranch at night. Its reflective / durable material holds a high efficiency LED bulb that can be seen up to one mile away. Choose either the steady glow mode or continuous flash! 


 Features and Specifications:

  • High visibility reflective material houses a high-efficiency LED bulb
  • Uses 1 x 3V Lithium 2032 coin-cell battery (Batteries Included)
  • Run time: approx 100 hours
  • water resistant 
  • Length 10 cm Width 2.5 cm
Brow - Belt Band with Velcro
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